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Water Soluble Colours, the basics!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

This weeks blog is aimed at those just starting out, who need a little extra help in understanding how water soluble colours work, how you will recieve them, and how to use them.

When you buy water soluble colours from EazyColours you are buying industrial strength highly concentrated powder colour. Our powder colours come direct from the manufacturing plant therefore when we say they are highly saturated and a little goes a long way we really mean it.

Left jar has orange Right jar is Purple

Another point to consider is the weights of our powder colours. The weights of each EazyColours water soluble colour varies from shade to shade, for example in the photo shown above, both weigh 25g but as you can see one has considerably more powder than the other. This is known as powder density, which means not all powders weigh the same. Take a tonne of feathers and a tonne of bricks you will have substantially more feathers than bricks because the bricks have more density, and therefore will be heavier.

Left powder is Orange Right powder is Purple

As you can see from the photo above these powder colours look similar in shade, do not be decieved because as EazyColours come direct from the manufacturing plant they are not made uniform or diluted. The colour you will receive only activates and shows its true nature when it hits the water. Below shows the actual colours of these powders in water.

So how exacty do you use the EazyColours water soluble colours in bathbombs?

Dilute your chosen colour in some room temperature water and mix well until it is completly dissolved.

You add the diluted colour into all dry ingredients except the citric acid which goes in last. You would incorporate the rest of your ingredients like SLSA, cream of tartar, kaolin clay etc with your Sodium Bicarbonate.

Maria's video below shows step by step how to make our gorgeous Aquamarine colour.

In this video you will see the amount of diluted colour added to the mix. You will also see the colour change dramatically when the oil is thoroughly mixed in. This is normal. Eazycolours water soluble colours react differently based on what is mixed with them. The true colour will be revealed when your bathbomb hits the water because the water activates the powder colour.

Thank You for reading this weeks blog We hope that you have found it useful on your journey with our EazyColours Water Soluble Colours.

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