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EazyColours Cosmetic Safety Assessments

As an EazyColours assessment holder you will receive a lifetime loyalty code

for 10% off any of our ingredients.

Depending on the cosmetic safety assessment you choose, you will be able to create and sell that item with the permitted EazyColours fragrances/colours/ micas/glitters and oils. All our these assessments are assessed on our ingredients. Another company's ingredients may not be the same purity, quality etc. You can purchase citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, salts and Stephensons bases from anywhere as they are generic products that are readily available.

The EazyColours recipe remains the intellectual property of EazyColours.

It may not be shared, given away or sold on without EazyColours written consent.

Only those named on the CPSR and those under their supervision may use the assessment.

No refunds can be given due to the nature of the item.

No additions or alterations are permitted.


If you need any help or advice please feel free to call us on 01754 769 123. We are here to help!

If you would like to have your own recipes assessed we can do create a cosmetic product safety report for you.

email for a quote.


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