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Our brand new Body Butter Assessments are now starting to become available on the website.

Not only have we created Body Butters using our fragrance oils such as Fruity and Christmas, we have created the most amazing Body Butters using Essental Oils and even some containing our 99%+ CBD Isolate.

The texture is thick and creamy. It sets firmly when as cools, then as soon as you put some on your body the wonderful mixture of oils and butters start to melt.

At first you may think it is greasy, but then you wonder where it has gone. Its gone straight into your skin and if you use the CBD version, any pain starts to reduce within seconds.

We can't make any medical claims and these assessments are classed as cosmetics, but having used them myself I can tell you how great they are.

We have used the most amazing healing oils such as Frankinsence, Lavender and Jasmine and blended them with oils and butters such as Hemp oil, Vitamin E and Shea Butter to create beautifully moisturising and nourishing products.

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Sep 26, 2021

I love the pure CBD body butter assessment, it's easy to make and packed with natural ingredients. I gave some to my in laws who are blown away with it. The feedback from my testers has been amazing with all of them reporting a reduction in pain and beautiful soft skin. Yet again another brilliant product from EazyColours

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