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Create liquid AND solid perfumes with this amazing kit!


Using either Formulator's Alcohol or Perfumer's Alcohol and a range of oils and fragrance oils, this fabulous perfume making kit enables you to create perfumes ranging from a fine body mist right through to a full blown perfume.


Using just Fractionated Coconut Oil as a base means those that are unable to use alcohol still get to make and wear a perfume (halal friendly version).


From there you can place into a bottle, spray, rollerball, tin... the options are numerous so put your creativity to the test.


You can use up to 30% fragrance oil depending on the IFRA for that particular fragrance oil.


The addition of extra oils means the perfume lasts a lot longer than just using alcohol and fragrance oil. After much testing we believe we have created the perfect balance.


All percentage usage for all of our fragrance oils are shown on your paperwork so you get it right every time.


And if you like this kit, why not have it assessed so you can make to sell?


Fragrance examples available:


Miss Dior





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