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ASSESSMENTS! Whats coming next...

Here at EazyColours we listen to our customers.

You asked for more exciting assessments... well get ready to have your mind blown!!

To start, what is an assessment and why you need one in the UK/EU to sell?

In brief summary, an assessment is a legal requirement to have in the UK/EU before you can sell your products. This is checked by a Cosmetic Chemist so that the products in it are safe for use and safe to sell.

EazyColours Assessments are created by Maria, to take the hard work out of formulating your own. What this means, is a reduced cost to you, but you must stick to the colours and fragrances that are named within the assessment.

When you receive your assessment via email, you will also receive the full recipe and instructions on how to create amazing products with your assessment.

You receive TWO pdf files and sometimes they manage to sneak into your junk folder! There is a post on the Facebook Group when the assessments go to the assessor, and another one when they are being sent out!

Now on to the fun part

EazyColours currently has Bathbomb, Melt and Pour, Sugar/Salt Whip Scrub, Whip Soap, and Solid Shampoo assessments in 7 gorgeous fragrances, but these are about to get an Essential Oil make over! That’s right…! All current assessments will also be available in a range of Essential Oils.

In the coming weeks not only will you be able to purchase all current EazyColours Assessments, in fragrance oils and essential oils, you will have the choice of so many NEW assessments in new fragrances also.

You asked for new fragrances and EazyColours is going to deliver!

New fragrance assessments will also be on the way in the coming weeks so hold on to your hats it’s about to get crazy at EazyColours!!

You will have more choice, more fragrances, more essential oils and MORE ASSESSMENTS!!

Upcoming New assessments include, A suspending bath/body wash which will hold your magic glitter in it without sinking to the bottom! Also coming soon are the following assessments…

Bath Salts, After Sun, Bubble Bars, and Bubble Frosting. We have the ultimate surprise in the Duo assessment to be revealed LATER!

Keep watching the facebook group for announcements. We have worked our fingers to the bone to bring you these amazing new assessments and with your input, a new range of fragrance oils too.

The essential oils additions to the EazyOils range will be amazing for the new essential oil inclusive assessments, as well as upgrading the existing assessments that are already available to you.

What are you looking forward to most?

You thought that was all you were getting BUT NO, HERE COMES CHRISTMAS ASSESSMENTS!!!

You will have the opportunity to buy ALL the assessments we currently have, and the new ones in Christmas inspired fragrances. So get ready to be decking the halls, trimming the tree and making gorgeous products scented in luscious Christmas fragrances!

We love to hear from you so why not tell us what you are excited to see and what you will be purchasing on the facebook group.

We don’t bite, we want you to be part of the conversation that brings you exactly what you want from EazyColours.

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