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Pick 'n' Mix Assessments Now Live

They are finally here. Our new Pick 'n Mix assessments have gone live!

Well, the first one anyway. The rest will be rolled out over the next few weeks.

So what is in the first one?

This is to make bath bombs and bath dust. You can choose 10 out of the 100 fragrances and you also get 14 Glitters, 5 Airbrush Glitters, 13 Micas and 10 colours to use. All that in one assessment. Imagine the amount of product combinations you can make.

Don't forget that although you can't mix the fragrances, you can mix the colours to create your own personal blends so long as you stay within the correct limit.

Next up is the Bath Bomb and Bath Dust Pick 'n' Mix 5 for those that only want to choose 5 fragrances.

But what is coming up?

Soaps, salts, body butters, balms, creams; you name it, we are going to be creating it.

I personally can't wait for all those lovely essential oils and essential oil blends.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and take a good look at what's on offer...

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