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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

With the evergrowing fascination for products containing CBD, we have created a whole range of new assessments, the first of which are for bath bombs and bath salts. Not only do they contain CBD isolate or CBD oil, they contain a range of wonderfully nourishing oils too.

Many fragrances are being added too for those that prefer them instead of essential oils.

It is said that CBD has many benefits including helping to ease pain, loosen sore and tired muscles and help with skin problems such as acne, and with this in mind I put one of our bath bombs to the test.

After a long, busy day at work I chose to bathe with one of our essential oil bath bombs - Patchouli, Rose & Lavender combined with hemp oil and various salts. I chose this mix because these ingredients are said to be calming/relaxing, help to ease inflammation and pain and are great for the skin.

The aroma was Earthy yet sweet and fragrant; it was instantly calming to the senses. The amount of oil was perfect and provided the correct amount of oils to moisturise without making your skin feel greasy. The salts eased my aching bones.

Whilst I know we can't profess that something has medicinal properties, I can honestly say that the horrific cut I had on my leg for the past few weeks suddenly started to heal very quickly. My dry, scaly legs were smooth and my whole body felt a sense of calm about it.

The good news is that not only are we starting to upload the assessments, we also sell all the oils and have our very own brand of CBD Oil.

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